ATG supplies engineering castings and forgings to Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world in the mining, quarrying, transportation, construction, earth moving, agricultural, marine and material processing industries.

Produced in a variety of materials for multiple applications the type of castings we source include:

Finish machined castings 
ranging from 10 kilograms to 10 tonnes
Cast manganese and high chrome wearparts
Ground engaging components

Structural castings

Whether you are looking for a reliable source of existing components or assemblies or you require new ones to be developed our technical teams will more than meet your requirements. Our engineers across the globe oversee all production ensuring we build in durability and longevity at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Whatever your needs, ATG has the capacity and flexibility to fulfil any order regardless of its size or complexity.
The parts ATG sources include:

General CastingsGround Engaging WearpartsInvestment Castings

Crusher CastingsShaftsAgricultural Forgings

Wear PlatesShredder Teeth Shell Mould Castings